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Knowledgeable repair estimates

If your roof is damaged or beginning to look worn, get in touch with Hickman Metal Roofing Inc. Whether you need high-quality re-roofing, tear-offs or other repair work, you'll find the experienced assistance you need from our friendly team.

If it's time to repair your roof but you want to know what it will cost, Hickman Metal Roofing Inc. offers roof evaluations and fair, FREE estimates. Call us today to find out what kind of repairs your roof needs.

Roof protection you need

If your attic isn't properly ventilated, it may be damaging your roof. Heat and moisture buildup from cooking and laundry can create mold and mildew which damage your roof deck

and insulation.


When you work with Hickman Metal Roofing Inc., you'll get expert ventilation every time to reduce the load on your air conditioner and protect your roof for years to come. Get in touch for more information!

Have roofing questions?

If you're considering a new roof or repairs but want to know more about the process, get in touch with our experts. From repair questions to questions about metal roofing or pricing, we're glad to talk with you.


You'll always work with knowledgeable, experienced professionals when you choose Hickman Metal Roofing Inc.


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